The rise fall and rise of Dave, the decision guru

Dave was the master of decision

Reason and logic were his game

All problems he solved with precision 

No limits to his ambition

Nor restrictions on his fame

His book earned its next edition

He had poured scorn on intuition

Then read Gut Feelings (‘twas the volume’s name*)

Suddenly he was filled with indecision

‘Less is more’ for him was nuclear fission

It made his methods tame

‘Act, don’t think’ created more attrition

Now he faced the mob’s derision

It brought him pain and shame

And clouded his guiding vision

‘How can I explain my omission

And admit a poorly crafted frame

Am I facing perdition?’

But then he found salvation

From his buddy Graham

Who met him at the station

‘Don’t be a slave to repetition

We’ll win this tricky game

Creative thinking will save our mission’

Graham prepared a noxious potion

And called it elixir de Graham

The gut-feelers drank his deadly lotion

Without suspicion

Or blame

Or premonition

‘It’s OK to be wrong’ was their tradition

But drinking poison came

To look like a weak position

Credibility restored, Dave was wishin’

He could rebuild his claim

To be not just smart but efficien’

Avoiding trouble was his decision

Reason and logic still his game

He took advice from a statistician

Who urged him to become a politician

So supported by the loyal Graham

He led Her Majesty’s Opposition

*Gut Feelings by Gerd Gizerenger is an awesome book, which makes linear thinkers feel very uncomfortable