An ode to my brilliant Kindle

Ever wanted a gadget so badly

And then admitted so sadly

That is wasn’t as good as you thought?

The reverse is equally true

You decide you can easily do

Without something expensively bought

So I was content to read books

And wasted no envious looks

On the Kindles my friends were using

Then I opened a Christmas-time gift

And politely didn’t look miffed

Though I wasn’t effusing

But what a joy it’s turned out to be

This marvel I found on the tree

My life is richer by far

You see, my Kindle is stunning

With features so utterly cunning

It’s like a luxury car

The books to download are so quick

The index a fabulous trick

For travelling best take a Kindle

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Everybody loves a lover

And I love my Kindle