De Bono – The Maltese Eagle

A small tribute to a philosopher with a mighty wingspan 

I’ve embarked on a serious mission

To raise the humble decision

From just one of the things we can

To a towering achievement for man

The prophet who showed me the way

Wore hats, but none of them grey

He is the thinking man’s thinker from Malta

De Bono: the lateral exhorter

Schoemaker gave us the rules

And Belbin told us the roles

But de Bono allowed us to learn

By playing each role in turn

Wear the red hat for passion

And the black one for trashin’

Yellow hat says you are sunny

And green that you are creative and funny

But the cleverest hats are the blue and the white

White hat means you only say what’s right

No editor’s gloss on conversation,

Just unvarnished truth and information

Blue is the smartest hat of all

You’re the conductor in the hall

Fusing the sounds the hats are making

By thinking, solving, decision making