No good decision was ever made after midnight. Is this the exception?

So we have a deal to solve the Eurozone crisis. The experts say it has at least bought time, and I see that European
stock markets have reacted positively, and that the Euro has strengthened markedly.

But the agreement was signed at 4am this morning. This is an important detail, as it breaks my invariable rule of never
making any important decision after midnight.

To be fair to the 17 Eurozone member countries, the EU officials and institutions, IMF, the bankers and all the
involved parties, they had no practical choice beyond talking till everyone was prepared to agree terms, or giving up and risking a descent into the abyss.

Maybe everyone at the talks in Brussels last night had heard Wolves Manager Mick McCarthy’s description of Manchester City’s
5-2 defeat of his team in the Carling Cup as “an abject lesson in finishing”, and been inspired to emulate Roberto Mancini (surely the obvious choice to fill Mr Berlusconi’s size 8s).

Let’s hope President Sarkozy, Chancellor Merkel, Herman van Rompuy and the others don’t in the end have cause to rue
their late night accord and join Mick in saying (as he did recently) “I feel as sick as the proverbial donkey”.