How many bad decisions will it take?

I voted Conservative, and was strangely excited about the idea of the Coalition. The tit for tat of two party politics had become a huge bore, apart from being seriously counterproductive. Tories and Lib Dems working together to repair the ravages of tired old New Labour seemed like a good plan.

Two years on, and I am very disappointed. The new “Snooping Law” is the last straw. It smacks of totalitarianism, and is about as palatable as the “Hosepipe Hotline” apparently set up to encourage people to rat on their neighbours.

Add this to:
• The “Granny Tax”, and a tax policy seemingly dedicated to beating up everyone who voted Tory, while still managing further to alienate the people least able to withstand the pressures of this recession
• Aircraft carriers without aircraft
• Lack of a credible exit strategy in Afghanistan
• Pusillanimous concession to US extradition requests
• The HST
• Abolishing zebra crossings
• Going nap on wind farms
• I could easily go on to a list of 20 or more…

…and you have to conclude that with or without Steve Hilton the Government is two sandwiches short of the ability to make a sound decision on almost anything. They have shown themselves to be prone to rushing into ill thought-out early decisions on almost every subject.

The Times today compares Mr Cameron’s style with that of his predecessors, and concludes that his is a government by chums. Forget style. Look at decision making, and you have to conclude that The Times has left out a ‘p’.

I worry that there will be more Galloways, a Livingstone back in City Hall, and goodness knows how many wild men and women elected to councils up and down the country, come May.